Publication Scheme

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Law Yog community welcomes all the potential writers to contribute to the noble cause of spreading legal education nationwide by way of their publication.  The writer needs to comply with following guidelines for publication of his work.

  1. Content should be your own creation and it should not be published on any other platform.
  2. The article should be grammatically correct, factually reliable, and with no jargons.
  3. Co-Authorship is permissible.
  4. The Manuscript should be well structured and uses of more header and sub-headers are preferable.
  5. As per LawYog’s Publication Scheme, only 15% plagiarism is Allowed. We will not accept any submission containing plagiarism more than 15%.
  6. Uses of Bullets and Tabular representations to explain the concept  is appreciable
  7. Language of Article should be simple and easy. Author needs to write a manuscript in such a way than even layman can understand the concepts.
  8. The writer should be solely responsible for any legal action against his writings. Submission of writings to Lawyog is implied consent of the writer to face the legal consequences of his writings
  9. LawYog reserves right to remove/delete your publication at any time if it induces hatred speech or comments on beliefs of any religion, caste or community.
  10. For Publication on this platform, you need to email your manuscript at with the subject line  – “For Publication – Title of Article”. The email should contain details of the author.
  11. After submission, our team of legal experts will review your work and if any changes are required, we will notify you via email for necessary changes.
  12. After making necessary changes, fact-checking and proofreading of your work, your submission will get published on 
  13. LawYog reserves copyright and any other rights related to your work. The author will not be entitled to republish his work without giving due credit to Team LawYog.

*Team lawYog reserves right to amend or change any of the above guidelines/rules at any point of time.